“I am grateful for the love and care that your caregivers showed towards my mom. It greatly improved her quality of life and allowed her to stay comfortably in her home that she loved surrounded by friends and where she could continue to be involved in many of her regular activities. I knew she grew close to several of the caregivers which is a testament to the quality of care and more importantly to the character of the individuals.” — Jim H.

“You all are providing wonderful care and support for my mother. Julia has been a lifesaver for us. The consistent and capable care seems to be making a big different in her well-being. She is less anxious and seems to remember dates a bit better.” -Cindy D.

“Samira engages my mother, is patient, and has a good sense of humor.” -Lisa F.

“It was very nice to have a chance to meet your caregiver. She was as pleasant as she was punctual and professional.” -Larry B.

“The Moon River caregiver is so good. She is aware of my father’s needs every minute. She knew his habits..was in-tune with him. She was never idle. Even when he was eating, she was cleaning up the kitchen. She went above and beyond. She was in-tune with my needs too.” -Terri D.

“I appreciate the support and care from you and all the staff at Moon River over the many months of care for my mother.” -Daniel M.

“As always we are grateful for Moon River and all the wonderful people who help us keep going.” -Helen K.

“I really appreciate the care, attention and service you and your company have provided over the last 2.5 years. You guys stepped in, got up to speed quickly, and adapted along the way. You always acted professionally with a solid customer/client focus – something I really appreciate. Over the last years, not only have you provided my mom with great care, but you’ve become a close part of her circle – something she desperately needed. Please thank all your staff for their great service on behalf of my mom and our entire family.” -Will B.

“Ann, thank you so much for all that you’ve done for my Mother – we appreciate you and Moon River so much. Nancy and Betsy have also been wonderful – we are all so thankful for you.” -Carolyn B.

“Thanks for all your pre-surgery help this last year. That was a very challenging rough patch for us and Moon River saved the day.” -Tricia G.

“Thank you for your great planning and flexibility.” -Susan P.