Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Provided by a licensed Home Health Agency

Moon River Senior Care and Transportation focuses on the person and not the disease. We plan activities that are appropriate to the cognitive abilities and compatible with his/her interests. The initial assessment conducted by our agency includes talking with family members to learn about the person who has dementia. What was life like before the diagnosis? Was this a person who led a very social life or more of an introvert who was happiest with a quiet, routine at home? Are there familiar hobbies that can still be enjoyed, or is it time to introduce new activities?

By learning what holds meaning for the individual, we can creatively plan activities with the understanding that what is well received today may not be tomorrow. Our caregivers are trained to adjust their activity plans as needed to successfully engage the client. If an activity is too complicated, it will only lead to frustration. It is less about the activity itself and more about the way it makes the participant feel.

Some of the ways we have engaged with clients include painting, simple board games, puzzles, reminiscing with photos, and organizing projects that bring a sense of satisfaction. We take walks, talk about birds and the beautiful sky, share laughter and sometimes just share a gentle breeze. It isn’t always the words that are spoken, but the smile and interest from the caregiver that says “I am happy to be here with you.”

Our well-trained caregivers know the importance of each person having a sense of purpose. Whether it is working with the caregiver to make the salad, fold towels or water plants, we work to find a meaningful way to engage each of our clients. And in the process, we learn something from them too.

“You all are providing wonderful care and support for my mother. Julia has been a lifesaver for us. The consistent and capable care seems to be making a big different in her well-being. She is less anxious and seems to remember dates a bit better.” -Cindy D.