Pre-Health Internship/College Students or Gap Year

Pre-health paid internship for College students or those in Gap Year!

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Are you seeking experience in patient care? Moon River Senior Care in partnership with Moon River Nursing Careers in Ashburn, VA is offering paid internships for colleges seniors and recent college. This is a great opportunity if you are planning on attending medical school, nursing school or exploring another career related to healthcare. Interns typically have majored in Biology, Neuroscience, Nursing, Social Work, Psychology or other healthcare career related fields. But, we will consider any college senior or recent grad. who is exploring a career in healthcare.

Interns receive the benefit of getting 120 hours of training at no charge ($1,850.00 value) to become a nurse aide. This provides the necessary credential to take the Virginia Board of Nursing exam to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Those who are already CNAs can start assisting clients immediately. All interns will be part of the class that will meet for educational sessions with amazing guest speakers and include case studies.

The internship has two phases. The first is the 120 hours of training provided by Moon River Nursing Careers to become a Nursing Assistant. The first 50 hours of the course are on-line and can be done from the intern’s home. The next 30 hours are in the skills lab in Ashburn, VA. The final 40 hours of training are a clinical placement at a long-term care facility in Leesburg, VA.

The second phase of the internship involves providing home health care to older adults working as an aide with Moon River Senior Care. Interns will have the wonderful experience of working as an aide, assisting older adults in the home setting in the Ashburn,VA area. Interns can choose to work shifts ranging in length from 4-12 hours. A total of at least 400 hours is required to complete the internship, but many students will choose to complete far more hours. The total number of hours in patient care are included in the intern’s letter of recommendation.

For more information about gaining valuable experience in patient care, please contact us at Intern interviews are currently been scheduled for the October class. This unique internship program has received recognition for the valuable opportunities it offers to those pursuing careers in healthcare. Please send your resume and cover letter to for further consideration.

All caregivers are provided with PPE appropriate to each assignment.

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